What Happens When You Fall in Love!

When a man and woman fall in love, the desire to communicate with each other dominates their thoughts.

Similarly when children find something new, strange or exciting; they run with their message and pour out their thoughts and feelings in emotional, colourful and sometimes unintelligible language to anyone they can find.

In both instances the desire to communicate dominates. This is the key to being a great speaker.

At the same time no messenger runs and no carrier flies without a message. So it is important that you be inspired with something to communicate. Therefore you should have something to say. As it is popularly said you should not get up because you have to say something!

When the desire to communicate is fuelled by a relevant message you are able to connect with your audience. At this point, your focus is not on fear about speaking; but on how to make yourself understood to the audience.

That brings us to falling in love once again. The moment that happens you want to express your love. It can take the form of gifts, flowers, cards or chocolates. All that means just one thing: “I love you.” That is the big idea, the key thought, and the overriding emotion.

But the fun is that you are thinking about yourself. All your thoughts are on your loved one. This is what should dominate a speaker’s mind–to make the audience understand what he has got to communicate. That is the desire to communicate. When that happens it is goodbye to stage fright and extrordinary delight in speaking!

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