Tips on How to Effectively Organize the Content of Your Speech

Imagine trying to find a book you need in a library which follows no method of organizing the books! It is going to be sheer luck if you get the right book within a reasonable amount of time.

Similar is the case with a speech. If you organize your speech well, then it is easy for the audience to pick out the information you offer. You make listening easy by dividing your content into manageable packets.

There are many popular methods to do so. Here are a few samples to start with:

The News that we see and hear on T.V. is a good example. It starts with the headlines. And then proceeds with global news, national news, regional news, local news etc. Then it moves to economic matters, entertainment, sports, weather etc. This kind of division sometimes also denotes a descending note of importance or priority.

Those who follow a historical approach in speeches find this method of organizing helpful. For example, “Centuries ago runners, or birds, or men mounted on horses carried messages. Then came a time when the postal system developed. People started sending and receiving letters. Later landphones came to make life easier. But today with life becoming so fast paced; sms and emails and chats have taken over. The modern invasion of digital communication has undermined the beauty of the personal touch to a great extent; isn’t it.”

Based on Priority
For official communication to be effective, content of speech has to be prioritized to get things done. If the Team Leader can brief his team thus: “First, you come up with the relevant database. Second, make contact with those who have done business with us in the last two years. Three, report to me by next Monday as to how many of them plan to do business with us in the next financial year.” This is much better than something general like, “We need to find out how much business we can get done next financial year. For that I need your cooperation. Now get to work.”

Many more ways of organizing content of your speech can be thought of. But the important thing to remember is that you need to cut the big cake to small pieces. And then offer them to your listeners so that they can have one piece at a time.

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