Seven Compelling Steps to Excellence in the Workplace

Some work to make a living. Others work because they are passionate.

The first kind of people do things well. The second kind of people inspire!

It does not take long for anyone to find out that those who inspire are few. Why is this so? What makes the Inspired Doers a rare breed? Let’s find out:

Inspired Doers always enjoy their work. No one has to coax them to go to work. They are eager and enthusiastic about what they do. They do not allow routines to dull their senses to the excitement of a new day and opportunities it presents.

Inspired Doers take pride in their work. They always keep the big picture in mind. This helps them to maintain perspective even when going ahead is not smooth. The knowledge that what they do is significant to the success of the Organization gives them immense drive.

Inspired Doers are constant learners. They do not wait for people to teach them. If they realize that there is a gap in their knowledge level which prevents them doing their best in performing their task, they make it a priority to learn and update themselves. They do not make a distinction about who they are learning from.

Inspired Doers are ready to take initiative to solve problems If they sense that the team requires their additional help somewhere they volunteer to help. This not only solves the problem but also pumps adrenaline into the rest of the team.

Work Hard
Inspired Doers work hard. They are committed to their goals. They are always willing to go the extra mile multiple times. Spending longer hours at work is not at all considered a burden. They do not wait for someone to egg them on. Without fanfare they surpass and do more than what is expected of them.

Inspired Doers do not bother who gets the credit. They are balanced persons knowing their own strengths and not longing for emotional pats on their back. Their focus is always on getting the job done as perfectly as possible and never on how many medals they’ve showcased for themselves in the process. In one word, these people are not at all insecure in the workplace.

Inspired Doers constantly assess what kind of changes they need to make to keep themselves sharp and polished. Sometimes, some projects do not take off as expected. Sometimes the market changes so fast that one has to quickly package products and services differently. This calls for courage to change and these people embrace change.

Be an inseparable member of a team of Inspired Doers. That will always help you maintain the habit of excellence!

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