No More Masks: If You Wish To Be a Speaker of Impact, Be Yourself!

“Sir, that’s the reason why I came to class.”

This statement is often made by students with tears in their eyes. It is a moment of realization of their real need–that of stopping to pretend to be someone else.

Tears of joy run down the cheeks because they finally realize it is okay to tear off the masks they wear.

The truth is that we all put up a bold front even when we are not at all confident. We act as if we have everything under control. But secretly we hope that something would happen someday that will help us to be our real self so that we can stop play-acting.

There comes moments in class when a student sees himself or herself as uniquely created to be the person he or she is. As that truth dawns-sometimes in a flash, sometimes ever so slowly like the opening of a flower bud—the student sees life ahead as one filled with divine possibilities.

It is then that he or she decides that enough is enough as far as play-acting is concerned. Then, when the realization “I am unique” hits, the past with its constant struggle to be someone else is left behind like an empty cocoon.

Now, a new living is embraced where masks are not there. Instead, it is a truthful encounter with life. Some find it painful at first to accept their shortcomings. Yet it is a joyful release of hope and celebration as one finds the truth that he or she is so unique and that nobody can replace him or her no matter what others think of them.

Yes friend, their might be so many things not perfect about you. Yet there is nobody else like you. So celebrate life as God’s gift to you. What better return can you give for that gift than being true to your own self.

So let us stop pretending. We are not actors on a world stage. Instead we are real people with ever so many shortcomings. Each one of us is having infinite value and worth in God’s eyes even though we appear to be of so little worth to others. That is the truth. And there comes a moment when that truth dawns.

This experience is liberating to say the least as far as a speaker is concerned. For the greatest asset a speaker brings on stage is he or she himself. No other visual aid can ever substitute you on stage. You need not try to be extravagant in your dressing to make a statement.

What comes across to the audience much more powerfully is the quiet confidence that you bring onto stage born out of the knowledge that you are making a statement as no one else can!

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