Imagine–the One Word That Creates a World of Happiness!

With that one word you are able to create stories, travel to unknown lands, crown yourself as a beauty queen or rule empires.

With that one word the inspiration to make new discoveries begins, the spark that ignites ideas to solve problems catches fire, and dreams of success are brought to reality.

With that one word you can create a world of loveliness that is pure or with that one word you paint what is ugly that colours your mind with dark pleasure.

With that one word you can believe good about others or else you cook up the worst possible about them.

Yes, imagine the world of happiness created by Disneyland across the globe. What if they forget to imagine? The world of entertainment for people of all ages, and not just children, will then become a ghostland instead of a happy land or the happiest place on earth; won’t it?

Let me conclude saying imagination is a God-given gift. Use it wisely. Keep it pure like a crystal clear water flowing over a rocky stream bed. Imagine that!

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