You Need Not Worry Any Longer About How to Choose a Topic for Your Speech!

Isn’t it interesting that how to choose a topic is itself a topic for a speech? Here are some ways tips to choose an attention grabbing topic:

First of all, focus on the audience you are going to talk to. What are their interests, needs, concerns, fears at this point in time? If you have some of these answered you will have a starting point.

Secondly, think about your knowledge, expertize, and areas of interest. Think about how it can be made relevant to the audience you are going to talk to.

Thirdly, think about recent happenings. What are things that are being talked about in the world or in your locality? What or who is making news headlines at this time? It can be in the world of politics, entertainment, sports and games, or even climate change.

Again, there is yet another aspect you need to consider when you choose a topic. Do you have an interesting story to share? The story can be personal or it can even be a story you read in your childhood. If you have a compelling story to share, it can suggest you a topic.

Another sure shot way to choose a topic is start with universal themes like love, hate, war, peace, success, confidence etc. The canvas for such themes is huge. For example, A Short Speech on Love! can interest many.

Finally, when you choose the words of your topic let it me made lively, interesting, and having a punch. Something like “Never say die” would be good motivational stuff.

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