Success Is Just a Few Steps Away If You Don’t Quit!

#1. When your energy is running low do not think of the finishing tape. Think of what you are doing at the present. Just focus on completing that one step. In other words do it one step at a time.

#2. Recollect your motive. What was it that made you attempt this in the first place? When you think of it; your motivation, if it is a genuine one, will come back. Remind yourself of your mission statement now and then.

#3. Remind yourself that great victories are won by simply holding on when the cause seems hopeless. Do not listen to your emotions which are playing tricks on your mind at the moment. So stay on course no matter how low you feel.

#4. Try to stand in the shoes of a Coach. Imagine you telling somebody in your current situation words of motivation. What will you say? Definitely you won’t ask that person to quit; would you? So the positive words you’ll imagine telling another will itself pump you up with enthusiasm.

#5. Seek help. There is no need to act brave when you are feeling down. Talk with someone you trust and give voice to your thoughts. He or she will be able to tell you exactly why situations are not as bad as it seems to be.

#6. Do not spend time answering your critics. If you do so, you will waste your time and valuable energy. Let your achievement do the talking. Criticism, if you listen to it too much, can take away your ability to concentrate on your goal.

#7. Make prayer a habit. When you cry out for help to God, he often sends his angels to strengthen you. Angels can come to us as people whom we least expected to be there at that critical hour.

Seven is a divine number–
seven notes in music,
seven colours of the rainbow!
Likewise, speeches with seven memorable points
are presented in this category–The Magnificent Sevens (7’s)!

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