7 Truths to Break the Chain of Lies and Deception that Is Pulling You Down!

We believe many lies and deceptions. They imprison us, makes us feel inferior, and finally destroy us in the long run. They get a grip on our lives when we believe wrong and unjust estimates about ourselves. Others often pressurize us to believe these lies or we might just be decieved to believe them on our own.

Here are 7 truths that will unmask these lies and deceptions and set you free:

#1. Sometimes people compare you unjustly with others. At other times, they will raise unfair criticism against you. In spite of all that God loves you and values you as a unique individual. You are not just another one lost in the crowd; but you’re someone with great worth and value in God’s eyes.

#2. The real world is more about failures, disappointments and despair along with occasional triumphs. Life is mostly about dull routinues. Therefore do not be deceived by all the perfect, glamourous, and glossy images you see posted in social media. Do not believe that people are having a great time always.

#3. Know that in spite of everything you can think negatively about yourselves, there is one thing that is good about you. Your challenge is to find that one thing and be very good at it. Make it a great strength of yours. Weakness is common to all; but your burning desire in life should be to excel in that one thing you are good at.

#4. Know that the past with all its pains, hurts, failures and heartbreaks have to be forgotten. So many people find themselves struggling with guilt and fear because they had been victimized in the past. Such experiences do take time to heal. But you need to decide to get up from where you are lying down.

#5. Do not go around complaining about what you do not have in life. Instead try to see how best the meagre resources you have can be put to good use. Abundance is about having a thankful spirit and not about having a lot of possessions. A little with peace or a lot of money with unrest; what do you prefer?

#6. Do not despise yourself if others have labelled you negatively. It is not labels that define you. You have the power and the ability to tear off these negative labels. Question all labels people have called you: “Introvert, Stupid, Idiot, Fool, Good for Nothing, Failure, Backbencher,” are all examples. Show courage to prove them wrong who called you these names.

#7. Know that starting from today you can make a difference. There are many people who need you. Often it is the sense of uselessness that makes you have no enthusisam in life. The problem is with your outlook. Do not go around thinking that everybody is against you. Instead be on the lookout for opportunities to do good and help others.

Life’s struggles are real; so too are the battles of the mind. The weapon you have is the truth–the truth about God’s love for you and the truth that the lies and deceptions mentioned above can be fought against and won.

Seven is a divine number–
seven notes in music,
seven colours of the rainbow!
Likewise, speeches with seven memorable points
are presented in this category–The Magnificent Sevens (7’s)!

“and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free”

— Jesus Christ (John 8:32 Bible)

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