An Insightful Speech for You on How to Succeed in Life by Making Use of Opportunities

If you are a fisherman will you wait till all the waves calmed down before you went out to fish? My dear friends, opportunities are everywhere. But fair winds and smooth seas; not always! Therefore the wise thing to do is to set out at the first opportunity you have.

The first opportunities often come dressed like beggars. If you use them, they will lead you to opportunities that will take you to royal palaces of kings and queens.

Let me tell you a few secrets now:

First of all, those who succeed in life do not wait for opportunities to come. Instead they take initiative to create opportunities. In other words, they don’t allow themselves to get stuck at dead ends. They tunnel through mountains if no other possibility exists to get to the other side.

Secondly, those who succeed in life learn to choose from opportunities available. They don’t bite every bait that is put in front of them. Instead they learn to analyze whether the opportunity that has come is going to help them further advance their journey towards their dream. If not, they learn to say No to some of the opportunities when they come.

Thirdly, those who succeed in life are always on the look out for opportunities. They always keep their eyes and ears open. For example in the game of football, the opposing team will try their utmost not to give the best player (centre forward, striker, Jersey 10 player) in the opposing team the ball. Why is that so? Simply because he can convert even half-chances to goals from improbable angles through headers, long range shots or simple deceptive passes.

Fourthly, those who succeed in life realize that opportunities do not come through methods and processes but always through people. Therefore be in touch with people. Develop good friendships and maintain them. One simple way to keep relationships is to be genuinely interested in people. Value their privacy, show happiness in their achievements, be interested in their hobbies, and if you can, pray for them and their families.

Fifthly, those who succeed in life know that times and seasons change; and along with them the attitude of people also change. Therefore you will be wise not to wait for tomorrow. Even if no opportunity is present today, prepare quietly without getting discouraged. When you do so the simple truth is you will be ready for the big opportunity when it comes!

Finally, those who succeed in life also create opportunities for others. They are people who want others to succeed in life. It might be a very simple thing for you. But for whom the door opens with one word of yours; it is a dream come true. Always remember that if someone had not placed confidence in you the first time, you would never be where you are today. So the best way to celebrate what they did for you is by doing the same for many others. Help open doors for others.

Above all, those who succeed in life know that the bigger the opportunity the greater the responsibility. You cannot dream your way to success; for only sweat and toil can make opportunities count. And those who make opportunities count often find more opportunities knock at their door!

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