7 Secrets on How to Make You Look More Beautiful

Hey, you look beautiful today!

It is not the colour of the skin that makes you look beautiful.
It is not the designer wear or cosmetics or jewellery either.
It is not what glossy magazine covers make it look like.
Instead real beauty comes from your inner mind and character.

Let us therefore stop looking at how to enhance your looks; even though good looks can help you look beautiful.
Instead let us look at some elements that will make you stunningly beautiful and keep you looking young always.

The first thought is no surprise. Learn to smile. But know that It is not the lips that create a smile. Instead it is your inward joy that radiates.

Then comes respect for others. Well, it is not popular. But it is the right attitude to have. Perhaps you don’t know how it hurts others when you speak without respect and how ugly you look when you do so. And if you want others to respect you, be yourself; do not try to be a cheap imitation of someone else.

Next, be thankful. Is that easy? I don’t think so. When you look at others having more; it is quite possible to become jealous, unhappy and grumpy. But if you can learn to be content with what you have; it helps.

Once you get that right the next item to take care of is pride. A haughty look will never make you look attractive. And of course pride simply means the “I am right and you are wrong; always” attitude. So say sorry once in a while; it will do you good.

Now, what can make you look beautiful is a heart of compassion. With life getting busier by the minute, to have someone listen to you unhurriedly is a blessing. When you listen you help someone unburden herself. And perhaps find a ray of hope through your words. Isn’t that beautiful?

Again, you look beautiful when you say No to gossip. There is nothing that makes you look uglier than when you are part of a conversation that dissect others in a bad light. Why do you want to feel superior and good at the expense of others?

The seventh tip is, try to stop worrying. How does it reflect in your daily life; you might wonder? It makes its appearance in constant complaining, finding fault, and speaking in an accusing tone all the time. If your worry could be packed in soap boxes imagine how high it would pile up within your home!

Having said all that let me end with a practical tip. Drink lots of water. It is said that it will keep your skin moist and make you look beautiful all the time.

Finally, it is sad to see many carry the hurts that others inflicted on them. Many blame themselves for all that happened. Some find it impossible to forgive and forget.

Honestly, there are no easy solutions. Yet those who call out to God for help will surely find it. He came to comfort you with “the oil of gladness instead of mourning,”* so that your true beauty will shine through!

*Isaiah 61:2 Bible

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