7 Vital Life Lessons for You from the Game of Football

#1. Never leave your defence open when you are on an all out attack. Often goals are scored through quick counter attack.

#2. A one or two goal lead at the beginning should be considered advance equalisers. No place should be given to complacency, or you are finished.

#3. To get things done you have to forget personal gains but unselfishly assist others in creating goals. Success comes when you are not bothered about who gets the credit.

#4. Some days no matter how well you play things will not work out as you planned. Sometimes the game will end in a goalless draw or even defeat for you. No team however successful it is stays unbeaten for ever.

#5. Again, it is just a ball. But it has created a world of entertainment, business, branding and famous personalities. If anything as simple as a ball can captivate and mesmerise the world, look out for what you have in hand and capitalise on it; rather than moaning about what you do not have.

#6. Until the final whistle blows no game is finished. We have seen last minute comebacks and reversal of fortunes. No team quits playing just because it has conceded a lead to the other team. Fight until the last and if you go down, go down fighting.

#7. A hard truth to bite–No one is indispensable! If a great player is injured there is an initial shock, some tears, and prayers and well wishes for his speedy recovery. But then the world goes behind the substitute who makes it big at the opportunity he got. He is the star overnight. That is how the world is. Be prepared for your opportunity.

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