Look! Its Secret Is Your Look’s Outlook!

You see when you look. You communicate with people when you look at them.

While you speak to an audience your look can build rapport by making eye contact. Thus you build a relationship with others when you look at them and speak.

You can also make people squirm in their seats and also feel ashamed by staring at them or gazing at them for too long.

You can make others know that you are angry and displeased by the way you look at them.

Not to forget, how people fall in love just by their first look at each other. Popularly known as “Love at first sight”; how and why it happens is beyond logic.

Again, you can look at people in a loving way, in a way that communicates respect. Or you can look at them in a wrong way treating people as objects; thereby devaluing them.

That is why Jesus pointed out, “Anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.”* One look with wrong intent can easily start a moral landslide that is difficult to stop.

And then, often we make wrong first impressions about people with our look. We judge others just by our look and without proper knowing of what they are facing in their private lives.

Perhaps advertisements and glossy cover pages do well when they succeed in making you look at what they have to offer. If you look; then they have the ability to engage you, tempt you, lure you, and attract you to buy their product; isn’t it?

Finally, the best technology in the world has yet failed to create a camera eye that can match the wisdom of God who created the magnificent eye. Don’t we need to be thankful that we can see and look?

Jesus Christ of Nazareth

*Matthew 5:28 Bible NIV 1984 Edn.


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