Feeling Blue? You Can Walk Out of Depression!

Hi, I am depression. Your constant companion. You don’t feel like getting up in the morning; do you? You think that no one cares; isn’t it? Above all, you feel like it is not worth the fight and you feel like giving up?

Now wait a minute. I am not asking you to cheer up or feel happy. That is not possible. It is like offering you frozen ice cream at midnight when you are down with cold and fever.

But let me tell you not to give up hope. Of course situations might look hopeless. Let it be so. We are not trying to change your circumstances.

Secondly, seek out a friend whom you can trust. Open up. Share what you are feeling at the moment. Sometimes light will shine a little bit in your darkness.

Again, do some little thing you can do. It can be anything simple. Just arranging a few books that don’t look in order on your table. Or taking a walk.

Then calmly try to understand why you are unhappy and depressed. Is it because of some relationship issue? Is it financial trouble? Is it some loss that you experienced? It it some mistake that you made? Is it criticism from friends or colleagues? The reasons can be many. But the trouble with depression is sometimes you will not know exactly what makes you so.

However, one major reason is the feeling you have is that you are not good enough. My dear friend, that is a sad state to be. I don’t have an easy answer to it. Still, let me point out that there is Someone who accepts you as you are—with all your failures, your depression, your imperfections which seems so big to you, and also your secret shame and guilt that you carry within you that no one else knows or can be shared.

He is Jesus, God who became human; and knew what life truly is, firsthand. He knows what you are going through. The healing will come. But it will take time. In that long process, he will walk with you through the fire. And one day, as you look back, you will find that he has created a beautiful and enduring character in you.

It happened through the night’s darkness. It happened through the despair of the soul. It happened because he who made the stars shine, had collected your tears in a bottle and made it to sparkle like a billion diamonds in the night sky.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth

“Why are you downcast, O soul?
Why so disturbed within me?
Put your hope in God,
for I will yet praise him,
my Saviour and my God”

— Psalm 42:5 Bible NIV 1984


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