Will Self Help Books Help You?

Hope you have read at least a few self help books.

The amazing thing is that book stores are flooded with such books all the time. Almost all of them will carry labels like “best selling” as well.

Now let me tell you why self help books won’t help you.

First of all, you are trying to follow Newton’s Law of an external unbalanced force acting on you to move you out of inertia or comfort zone. In contrast to this all great achievers did not wait for outside motivation. They just found a passion, stuck to it with determination and perseverance and finished it. You also go and do likewise.

Secondly, many examples cited in the self help books are of uniquely abled people. It is a combination of their adverse circumstance, their gifted intellect, their fortitude of character, emotional intelligence, and a lot of other factors that contributed to their success. It is foolishness to try to redo that in another time and situation.

Finally, the vast majority of self help books readers are wishful thinkers. They hope to get some tips or secret from the book that is going change their life’s fortune. Even if they find one, not many has that gift of character in them to push forward with purpose and achieve success. You can ignite petrol but not water; however hard you might try.

Well, my purpose is not to say that all self help books are not good. No, not at all. Personally, Steven Covey’s 2nd habit, that is “begin with the end in mind,” from The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is something which I have found inspiring from self help books. So my attempt today is just to help you realize that what you need is not more secrets of success but purposeful action; starting today and right now!
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