Simple Tips for Driving Safe–Eggs or Your Child’s Life; Which Is More Important?

[This is a companion article to the post: 1 Minute Speech for Children on the Importance of Obeying Traffic Rules]

#1. While crossing the road go for the shortest distance. Never cross the road diagonally.

#2. While crossing the road don’t try to outrun a vehicle. You can easily trip and fall. Instead wait for the road to be clear. A little patience can save your life.

#3. Don’t try to do acrobatics in your two wheeler. I saw a man on a scooter diagonally cut into the main road through the wrong side and had to brake because he almost hit a bike. The scooter tipped to the right. He was struggling to keep his balance. His 2 or 3 year old son was standing in front (no helmet for the child). As I went near to help, this man was NOT holding the handle of the scooter with his left hand. But he was holding a small paper bundle. I gently asked him, “Can’t you put that down?” He replied, “No! Those are eggs!”

Isn’t it amazing people don’t know what is more important?

#4. While driving and you plan to take a left or right turn don’t simply rely on your rear view mirrors. Turn your head and have a look to your left or right to ensure that no vehicle or person is in the blind spot region.

#5. Never try to make up for lost time on the road. You or an innocent someone else is going to end up as a casualty. The best practice is to start sufficiently early.

#6. Try to cultivate a good sense of anticipation. The door of parked car can suddenly jerk open without warning. A dog can run across. A cyclist can speed into the middle of the road from a bylane. A vehicle coming from the opposite direction can lose control and come against you head on. Be alert for all unforeseen events.

#7. During rains reduce speed as visibility is considerably reduced not just for you but all other drivers as well.

#8. Use seat belts and helmets. Never compromise on these.

#9. Never overtake at a curve. It is always extremely dangerous.

#10. Avoid last minute change of directions. For example, if you just missed a left exit from the highway on to a service road don’t hit the brakes hard and try to reverse. Instead drive forward and find the next exit or U turn that will help you proceed as originally planned.

#11. Using umbrellas while driving or pillion riding on a two wheeler can end up in disaster.

#12. Avoid talking on the mobile while driving. It distracts.

#13. Don’t drink and drive.

#14. If you are feeling sleepy, pull off to the side if the road. Park your vehicle safely. Take a quick nap. Then proceed.

#15. While switching lanes use indicators. As far as possible don’t drive occupying two lanes at the same time. Stick to the proper lane.

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