Do You Know What Matters Most in Marital Relationships?

Relationships are breakable. Therefore handle them with care. Especially in a time and age when separations are sadly becoming widespread it is important to note those elements that keep a man or woman together for life.

Without doubt, trust is the key element in any relationship. It is trust that enables you to share your inmost thoughts. It is trust that gives you security in a relationship.

Secondly, love. Love is not a matter of emotion alone; though emotions colour our hearts and minds in a variety of ways. Love for each other is God-gifted. It has to be jealously guarded. For if love is left unattended; you will not know that your relationship has lost its vitality until for everything you start quarrelling.

Next comes honest communication. This is an area you need to work on. It takes effort. It means being vulnerable. It is about saying sorry for promises you failed to keep or deliver. You need to learn how your husband or wife communicates or leave certain things unsaid. Lack of specific communication often results in misunderstanding.

Then comes faithfulness. It is not a popular word. Today, we live in fast paced world where you meet with a variety of people. With gadgets and social media at your fingertips it is easy to get distracted, bored, and hooked in a frivolous chat which can ultimately lead you the wrong road. Staying true to one’s husband and wife is the result of a determined effort to do so; it is a result of saying no to all that is out of bounds; and it is a result of God’s grace accompanying your right choices as well.

The next element to look out for is respect. This is an inward attitude. You cannot fake it. The easy way to lose respect is to compare your husband or wife with others and find many things inferior. It can be money, social status, beauty, possessions, lack of caring, and so many areas like this where comparisons are made. The better thing to do is to accept your husband or wife as God’s perfect gift to you with all his or her shortcomings. And hold him or her in highest regard. Avoid demeaning comments and comparisons at all costs.

Though the above list is not exhaustive, one final thought is to pray together if you are willing to. It can cement a husband and wife together like nothing else. For it acknowledges that God is the author and perfecter of the marital life. It is good to remember that the first wedding and family blessings were God’s idea and not man’s invention. And as you invite him to hold your married life together; he will keep guide your boat through stormy weather.

Let me conclude. Beyond all that was said, if you can be thankful to God for your husband or wife; if you can avoid taking him or her for granted; and if you can earnestly desire your husband or wife’s good all the time; then your life together can be a blessing.

Hope that God enables you to forget differences and celebrate togetherness.
Trust that in spite of all clouds that have darkened your life in the past; light will shine.
Believe that there will be a willingness to forgive each other for all the small wrongs done; and healing will come.
Above all, never lose hope and never yield to despair. In spite of all that have gone wrong; you can rebuilt life together.
God helping you both.

So be it. Amen.

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