How to Tackle Life’s Problems, Fears, and Questions!

All of us have our share of problems. Some of them are for a season; while some others constantly follow us like a shadow.

One person’s problem might look like a small pebble to those who look at it from outside. But to those who go through it; it might be a real big mountain. Let us appreciate the heaviness of heart people feel as they face their mountains.

Now there are some problems others cause; but for many problems the root cause is the “Me” factor. Often our minds work overtime to give us a clean chit. But an honest look at your own heart might tell you that you too have contributed to the problem.

Of course there are troubles that are entirely created in your life by others. There are situations you were forced into; the emotional baggage and trauma of which you still carry. It is true that you were treated unfairly. But do not give up hope. And do not keep blaming yourself to the point of despair. If you still try you can come out of your sense of inferiority as well as loss of confidence.

The next thing to look at is whether things can be changed or you are working against immovable obstacles. A boat can change course but a rocky cliff can’t. In many situations, especially in marital relationships, don’t try to change the other person. Instead like the boat you change course. Peace will result.

Now there are questions we ask when unexpected situations arise in life. “Why?” is a question none of us can get a satisfactory answer to. Perhaps one way to look at it is to make best use of what you are given today, each day, before life surprises you with unanswerable questions.

Having said that let me talk about fears. Many people are afraid for reasons they don’t know. When fear hits you ask whether it is fear based on facts or is it simply irrational? Try splitting your fear into its components for a better analysis.

For example, when someone says he or she has stage fright, several questions can be asked. Is stage fright due to a former bad experience or failure on stage? Do you feel afraid when others look at you intensely? Are you afraid of what people will think about you? Or is it that you become too self conscious and thereby nervous on stage? These questions do not exhaust all possible situations; but can give you a head start in tackling fears.

Not all courageous men were absolutely free from fears. For example, the young boy David killed the giant Goliath. But in later years he was haunted by fear on several occasions. At one time he wrote, “When I am afraid, I will trust in you.” He thus found strength in God to face his fears. On another occasion when he was in a dangerous situation and God delivered him, he wrote, “I sought the LORD, and he answered me; he delivered me from all my fears.” The point is that God is a refuge when you are afraid.

Finally so many people fear the future. In fact, any man in his right mind will be afraid as he listens to NEWS coming in from all around the globe. It is mostly frightening or discouraging. One way to stay calm is to lean heavily on the One who knows the future. It is God himself.

Let us now look at one important question. Is there a redemptive purpose in hardships? Possibly yes is the answer. Look back at your life. Can you see all your difficult times marked red in the graph of your life? During those times you experienced great growth in your character; didn’t you? Did it not teach you to discipline yourself? Those were not pleasant situations. And you might not have opted for it if you had been given the power to choose. But the truth is that hardships can serve a higher purpose often; if not always.

But suffering in this world is a reality none of us can run away from. The Bible often deals with questions of suffering and pain. Here are a couple of thoughts that might be helpful. One, it is written, God “does not willingly bring affliction or grief to the children of men.”*

The next thought is the forsakenness that Jesus Christ endured on the cross for the sake of all of us. The sense of alienation and separation from his Father was so strong in his cry, “My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?”

He came to know through what he suffered firsthand how it feels when men and women undergo pain and grief. He took it all on himself. It is” by his wounds we are healed.”

As I conclude, let me say there are no easy answers to some of life’s probing questions. Yet to those who are willing to trust, there is Someone who understands; Someone to carry your burdens, anxieties and worries. Having God on your side might not make life easier; but you will find it more meaningful. Not all questions will be answered; but peace can be found. Instead of despair there can be hope!

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