3 Secrets To Be a Man or Woman of Impact

Legendary players outclass the times they live in. At the end of the day, it is not records that speak. Sure they do; but more eloquent is the impact of the way they played the game. The undying passion for the game they could sustain over the long years; the kind of exploits they could do on the field, the sportsman spirit they could exhibit, and of course the gentlemanly behaviour they showed off the field.

Today, let me ask you, do you have the stuff in you to make it legendary in your lifetime? Do I mean making money, achieving fame, or wielding power in one form or the other? No, not at all. But it is something more. When you leave; will you be missed by those you impacted? More importantly; will they be inspired to do better than what you were able to do? These are questions worth answering if you want your life to count on Planet Earth. And perhaps beyond time and space, in eternity as well.

There are three things you need to make impact.

First of all, be a person of one thing. What do I mean by this? Today, people are focused on too many things. But those who impact are those who have found out early in life what they are good at. The unique thing that sets them apart. They are the ones who spent a lifetime chiselling their one and only ticket to glory. They cut off the rough edges and kept on polishing till that could catch a certain element of the divine in it. So, let me ask you; what is that one thing you are good at?

Secondly, count all your success as trash. What? Yes, you heard it right. If you want to impact, then success is not your resting place. Instead, it is just a moment to be celebrated. Then you have to be dissatisfied with it. So many people miss and lose invaluable opportunities to excel just because they are living in past glory. What new thing have you achieved today? is the question. Yesterday is wiped off the records for you. Treat all your yesterdays as amounting to nothing. Still ahead lie victory should be your motto.

Finally, invest in people. The effectiveness of success which ends with your death is not to be trusted. The greatest good you can do is to deeply engrave your vision in the hearts of a few that will in turn multiply the work that you did. It is not a cheap imitation that I talk about. Instead, like a kernel of wheat that falls to the ground and dies to produce many seeds;* from the example you have left behind new offshoots should emerge. Thus new challenges will have new and disciplined men and women for the task. Of course, they are powered by the life; the great example you have left behind.

Let me conclude.
People of impact did not set out to impact others. Instead, they lived out their lives with a compelling vision guiding them, principles of integrity guiding them, trust in God strengthening them, and the good of others motivating them. Such lives have impacted. They outlive their generation. You too can be one such. Will you answer that call?

*John 12:24 Bible
Radio Talk: The Art of Leadership Communication (Audio Available)
Jesus Christ of Nazareth


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