Radio Talk: The Art of Leadership Communication

First Broadcast on 29 July 2006. Yuvavani, All India Radio, Thiruvanathapuram.
There are constants and variables in leadership communication. Variables are much sought after while the value of constants are not fully recognized. . . .

As you further think about leadership communication, the important thing to note is that variables like men, method, and medium cannot compensate for lack of constants. Constants are like strong pillars supporting a bridge. They give them strength. When the presence of these pillars are perceived by the target group they are willing to accept the communication that comes across the bridge as reliable. These pillars are built of solid trust. It rests on integrity and relationships built over the years. . . .

But for the moment let us focus on purposefulness in leadership communication. It is a direct result of the leader’s vision. This is inseparably intertwined with his constants. And purposefulness is reflected in clarity of thought. The leader has to be clear about his desired outcomes. He, then, should be able to communicate this vision in clear, precise, concrete, and specific terms to those whom he leads. . . .

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