7 Deadly Deceptions That Can Tear the Canvas of Your Life Apart!

Life is becoming complex each passing day. We are fast missing time to sit quietly and think. Gadgets steal our precious time which otherwise we would spend with our loved ones. The busyness of life therefore is the first deception.

The second thing is the constant pursuit of happiness. Entertainment through sports, films, music, partying, and even social media can give happiness for a season. Then it all leaves a vacuum in the human heart. Unending pursuit of happiness cannot provide lasting happiness.

Next comes playing victim to the comparison syndrome. Right from Day One, you and me have been compared to several people. And then we are directly or indirectly told, “You are not good enough.” The problem with this lie is that you will always try to gain acceptance from others and end up being a failure. No way you can try to please everybody and still succeed.

Then comes the deception of the grass being greener on the other side. It can happen with marriages quite easily. The search for a sympathetic partner outside of marriage is equivalent to scooping burning coals with one’s hands says the Bible*. No better image need to be searched for.

Perhaps you might be wondering why I did not mention money. Well, no man or woman in greedy pursuit of money is ever satisfied. “A little bit more,” seems to be their motto. Money is essential to meet our needs. Yet when it is elevated to a god-like status it blinds your eye to the value of relationships.

Now there is the world of advertisements. By virtue of their repetition they are able to create discontent in human hearts. Then it creates a false sense of need where none might exist. Yet again a desirability is created, celebrities having not once used the product endorse, and offers given. In addition “buy it now” or “act now” appeals are made. The last resistance is broken when they show you people who are all-smiles shown as completely satisfied after using the products shown. Yes, advertisements deceptively colour our world view more than we ever realized.

Finally, let me focus on the deception of tomorrow. Most of us are easy prey to this ultimate deception:
Finding excuses!
The lazy belief that “I’ll do it tomorrow!”
The chances are you might have your tomorrow. But the greater chance is that your mindset of postponement will not change the next day. Time is brief. Today with all its difficulties is all that you have. So don’t wait for tomorrow; it is not rightfully yours until it arrives!

*Proverbs 6:27–29
Short Speeches of Welcome, Introduction, Felicitation, Vote of Thanks
Jesus Christ of Nazareth


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