2 Minute Speech for Young Girl Children on How to Tackle Blackmailing

It is commonly seen that even children use blackmailing with a great measure of success. “If you don’t give me this toy to play with I will tell my mother,” is one example. Or, “If you don’t share your sweets with me I will tell teacher that you hit me.”

Many children are victims of such blackmailing. The damage in the above said instances is limited. Of course, emotional scars can remain. The tragedy however is that some children feel that they need to oblige and yield to pressure whenever threatened in like fashion in future too.

As young girl children grow up, the best thing they can do is to avoid situations that can lead to blackmailing. They would do well to avoid situations when they are left alone in a room or house for hours with a male who is a stranger or even someone known to them.

They should also learn to discern between touch by accident and the touch with wrong intent. If at all a wrong move happens they should learn to react boldly.

They should also learn not to trust all who smile or who speak sweet words to them or those who buy them expensive gifts like mobiles or chat fondly with them on social media.

But what often gives the opportunist a chance for blackmailing is when young girl children try to fight the battle alone. To avoid this situation, parents should encourage their children to open up and speak to them about everything that happens to their young children: in school, in tuition centres, in buses or auto rickshaws and on roads while they walk home.

Listen patiently and don’t try to find fault. Don’t criticize even if they had made a mistake. Instead patiently point out what was the best thing they might have done in the situation they had faced and encourage them to do likewise if such a situation presented itself again.

More importantly, young girl children should be encouraged to have good friends. She should first and foremost find a friend in her mother. It is when they find it embarrassing to share incidents with mothers that they tend to fight things out alone or suffer silently. This should not happen.

Young girl children should be taught that in case someone is trying to put pressure on them to immediately let their mothers know. If they have a teacher whom they have confidence in, let her know. Parents and teachers should take extra care not to dismiss the concerns of young girl children lightly. And young girl children should learn to persist to present their pain with urgency until elders take serious note.

The point of utmost importance is that they should not try to fight it out alone. And they should be taught never to yield to blackmailing.

Having said that, it is best for them to be forewarned to have the wisdom and discernment to avoid situations that can lead to blackmailing. That is the best thing that can be done.

But in case, blackmailing has already started; let them not try to fight it alone. If they fight alone; it is going to be advantage for the the wrongdoer; but put up a fight together the evil net can be broken.

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