Compelling Introductions and Conclusions to 11 Speech/Essay Topics for High School Children

Introductions should capture attention.
They should give a quick overview of what is going to be covered in the speech. It should hook the audience, capture their imagination, set them thinking and compel them to follow through with you till the end of the speech.

Conclusions should sum up what you have said already.
It should give a sense of completion. It can be a call for action, a question, or even a statement that will stay like a jingle or slogan in the minds of audiences.

Introductions and conclusions are vitally important for a speech. It should be graceful, compelling, and as perfect as the take off and landing of an airplane.

Note: The following topics have been asked as essays for Xth ICSE Board Exam in previous years.
For all topics only one side of the argument has been presented.

Topic #1 The computer will soon replace the book.

Computers will soon replace the book is a topic of debate. It is highly relevant in this fast paced world where technology has changed the way man thinks and acts. Though computers has made a new kind of reading habit possible, my strong view is that books and reading of the same will remain for a long time to come.
In the light of the above mentioned points it is very evident that computers can never replace books. This is because the habit of reading books is so close to the human heart.

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Topic #2 The use of mobile phones has lowered active social life and has become an addiction.
Mobile phones are here to stay. They have changed the way people communicate. It has come with several advantages. At the same time we need to look at the way it has made people addicted. We always see people bowed down and looking at their screens all the time.
Mobile phones has made instant communication possible. But it has destroyed relationships. When members of family sit together around a dining table and all are engaged with their own mobiles, has mobile phones made life better or worse? Without doubt this addiction is going to destroy the moral fabric of society.

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Topic #3 “Money is important for happiness.” Express your views either for or against this statement.
Money is important for happiness is a topic that is highly relevant. In today’s world we find people in a mad rush to make money.Though such extreme love of money leads to unhappiness, the absence of needed money can cause conflicts at home. Money with contentment will bring happiness.
Money is needed. It is a great slave but a bad master. So if one can make it serve one’s needs, then money will bring happiness.

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Topic #4 No other subject taught in school is as important as Moral Science
What is education for? Is it just to gain knowledge? Or is the purpose of education to help a man or woman live life better? If that is the purpose, then definitely moral science taught in schools has an important role to play. As technology invasion has destroyed the moral fabric of society and families in particular the relevance of the subject of moral science is more important than ever.
Education system should not be a factory producing the same kind of products. Instead the realization that it is investing in the lives of youngsters who are the citizens of tomorrow should define the subjects taught. Moral Science will do greater good than all other subjects because it teaches a student what life is ultimately all about.

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Topic #5 Cinema both entertains and educates the masses
Cinema is a medium which has influenced mankind tremendously in the last one hundred years. It reflects the realities of society. In that sense it educates. But the craft of the story, the larger than life screen in which it is shown, the popularity of the actors, the music, and beautiful locations in which it is shot entertains us.
In the history of mankind, there has not come into being a greater form of mass entertainment than the Cinema. Through its power to change the minds of people, it has educated people about very important situations that affect the world. Cinema will continue to impact people for decades to come.

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Topic #6 Teenagers today are more worldly-wise than their parents
Teenagers of today are better informed, better educated, better entertained, and better connected. Technology has made this possible. With cable TV, internet, mobile phones, live streaming, and access to information about anything at their finger tips they are certainly more worldly wise than their parents.
Parents can never keep pace with the kind of technology invasion that is happening. It takes young and fresh minds to do so. This is what enables teenagers to keep one step ahead of their elder generation.

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Topic #7 Animals should not be used for drug development or medical research
Human beings any day have greater value and dignity than animals. If animals are not used for drug development and medical research, how can scientific progress be made? Think about the severe consequences of the absence of animals in such activities. Who is going to suffer? Mankind will go back to the dark ages when no medication was available for epidemics that wiped away large sections of the human population.
We are not advocating cruelty against animals. At the same time, we cannot do away with the use of animals in medical research and drug development.

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Topic #8 Men and women should have equal rights
Right from the time of Adam and Eve this debate has raged in human history. Though it is declared that all men and women are created equal we do not find this equality in practice. This is a very complex and sensitive subject. But without doubt, it needs to be said that women should have equal rights with men.
By claiming equal rights, women are not going to overthrow men in any area of life. She will still be a great mother and builder of the family. However she will actively participate in democracy, in education, in charity drives, in sports and even in space exploration. Without women having equal rights, how will a modern society survive?

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Topic #9 Democracy is the best form of government
Just think about it. What would you prefer? Living in a democracy where all your rights are granted to you or living in a dictatorship where practically your freedom is reduced to minimum? Yes, democracy is the one form of government that treats you with dignity as an individual and safeguards your freedom.
Democracy, being a government by the people, of the people, and for the people, has the possibility of impact people with greatest good. Though certain limitations can be pointed out democracy safeguards freedom as well as human rights.

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Topic #10 Which in your opinion is more important? A healthy body or healthy mind? Give relevant arguments to support your opinion.
If you speak with psychologists and psychiatrists you will be surprised to know the great percentage of human illness and diseases contributed by the imbalances and disorders of the human mind. The body is important but if the mind is unstable, it destroys happiness, security and well being of human beings,.

We have just one life. It is very evident that a healthy mind is an absolute must for happy living. So let us take all efforts to keep our minds healthy and strong.
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Topic #11 The commercialization of festivals has eroded their real significance
Festivals are part of our culture. They bring people together. It is a time of joy and festivity. In the Indian context of pluralism, we are blessed with a wide variety of traditions and arts that give festivals a richness of colour. But sadly, these days too much commercialization has slowly taken away the beauty of these festivals.
If you ask the older generation how a particular festival was celebrated in their younger days, they often reply with a certain sadness in their eyes. This is because festivals during their younger days represented more of human goodness and care for each other. Today like many other walks of life, business mentality has stolen the pristine joy of festivals.

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