The Classic 7 F’s Speech on the Forties!

Forties come with a lot of change.
It is a time you look back and reflect on your accomplishments.
It is a time you try to see the gap between dreams and achievements.
It is also a time you look forward with a mix of hopes and fears.

Some prefer to call this time midlife crisis.
It is a time that can be described using 7 F’s.

The first word is Focus.
Forties are a time to stop doing the too many things you have been doing. It is a time to think and find out how to save your energy for doing one or two things you really want to do. It is a time you need to learn to say No to distractions–the silly, frivolous, and unimportant things that steal away your time.

The second word is Finish.
In your forties there might be so many things you had begun but never gone far. You might need to sit down, make a list, prioritise and tackle them one by one. It is a time you are given to finish the unfinished businesses of life. Nothing can prove anything a more strong motivation than a determined look at the finishing tape.

The third word is Flight.
It is not in the sense of fleeing. Instead flight in the sense of flying high. In the forties most people run on routines. They are too much pulled down by daily chores that they fail to see that the rest of their lives will zip past with lighting speed. So it is important for you to fly high, distance yourself from daily routines and think on how you can do something that will last beyond your lifetime and impact people positively. Without flying high you cannot have a bird’s eye view. If you fail to do so, your daily routines will dig the grave for all your dreams.

The next word is Finance.
Forties are a time you anticipate and start hoarding money. Perhaps it is for building a house, or for your children’s education or their marriage, or for your retirement plans.. Whatever it be the wise use of money is important. If you can cut unnecessary expenses it will be great. But if you can help someone else who cannot repay you; and thus give life and wings to his or her dreams through your money; it can be something that will inspire many others to do the same.

Now we come to Fences.
In forty years most fences will be in need of repair. So too in life. Love and romance in marriage would have lost its initial glow. Stress at work would have taken over. With social media and instant messaging, gaps in the fences will prove a temptation for little foxes to climb in and for you to sneak out as well. Forties is a time to fortify your fences.

Yet another word is Fasting.
Obviously its primary reference is to food. Forties are a time when you can consider to fast at least partially once in a while. You might choose not to indulge yourself with certain delicacies for a period of time. The concept of fasting can be extended to other areas as well. Maybe you can choose not to engage with your social media platforms one entire day. Perhaps you can choose for a day to abstain from some form of regular entertainment you are having. You will grow lean but will stay healthy.

The final word is Fitness.
Many people start worrying about all the fat accumulating in their bodies at this time period. Forties are a time to do something about it. Start jogging, walking, running, cycling, or playing certain outdoor games like cricket or football. Remember that if there is no wall there is no painting either. So make haste. Rise from your comfortable couches and chairs and beds. It is time to get your hearts pumping.

These are 7 F’s for your action plan for your forties. Even if you can excel in one of them, it is worth the effort.

Remember, beyond forties, life is certainly a countdown. You have already crossed the midlife phase. It is up to you to make the rest of your life radiant, and the coming sunset one of indestructible hope.

Jesus Christ of Nazareth


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