10 Tips for School Children to Wow Audiences with Their Presentations!

If you want to be successful as a speaker you should have an ongoing long-term preparation. This is neglected by many.

Have you seen those picking up scrap material go about the streets? They keep looking everywhere in the expectation that they will find something they can make money out of. In a similar way you should be always looking out for material like stories, anecdotes, visuals, etc that you can make use of in future presentations.

One good place to check is the paper that vendors wrap things for you from stores. Often I have found useful information or stuff that I made use of in presentations there. There are several other options. Your imagination is your limit.

#1. Do not think of presentations as something being done for the sake of doing it. Instead enthusiastically look forward to it as an opportunity for you to plan, prepare, and present a topic.

#2. Do not fill the slides with too much material (in case you use a power point presentation). Instead keep it lean. Avoid reading from it. Instead try to explain the concept in your own words.

#3. Try to engage the audience by surprising them with questions or unexpected information.

#4. Do not be apologetic at the beginning saying lame excuses like, “I am not fully prepared.”

#5. Know your end point. You should be sure about what you are trying to do through the speech. What is the plan of action at the end? Do you want the audience to go and do something about what they heard?

#6. Why do you remember certain advertisements? It is because of the memorable slogans that gripped you; isn’t it? So have something memorably phrased so that your audience can take it home with them. Don’t you think that “I have a dream” is the most remembered phrase from Martin Luther King’s famous speech.

#7. Presentations are a way to make a lasting impact on your teachers and friends. Try to think of how you can bring a moment that people will remember. It can be visual, auditory, kinaesthetic (related to movement). Think about bringing some object or aid other than power point to make a point emphatically.That way you can make sure that your talk will be remembered long after it is delivered.

#8. Do not try to cover too much ground in your presentation. Have a realistic estimate about how much you can cover in the time allotted to you. Keep audience knowledge level in mind as you prepare.

#9. Take time to organize your content. Without being organized you will thoroughly confuse your audience.

#10. Be brave enough to ask for honest feedback. Take it without being hurt. That is the way we all can improve. As someone said, “Room for improvement is the largest room in the world.”

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