2 Minute Speech on the Beautiful Someone Next Door!

Life always seems beautiful next door. The desire for it is made more strong because boundaries and walls prevent you from having free access.

Thus disappointed many live! Sometimes you have a feel that the person on the other side has similar feelings towards you too.

Once in a while your conscience pricks you saying what you feel to be right is actually wrong. But then red lights are often violated on the streets. Why? Because it is violated in the mind first.

And what is the reasoning behind it? “Oh, everybody does it!” But my friend, even if the whole world does it, wrong doesn’t become right.

But your mind finds 101 reasons why it is OK to do so. There is a flutter in the heart as you make your first connect. “Hi, you doing fine. It’s me!”

Your heart keeps on pounding as you keep checking for whether the beautiful one next door has seen your message. Anxious, perspiring moments follow till there is a reply; isn’t it?

The bait is more than tempting. It is teasingly innocent. But that small beginning is the start of a landslide. Well laid foundations of homes erode, collapse and are washed away in the mud slide that follows.

Now you might ask me who this beautiful someone is. Let that be anyone, but the more important question is how do you connect? Some call it Facebook; some others WhatsApp. There are many others of similar nature as well. You know what? The lure and relative ease of instant messaging even from the privacy of a bedroom is what makes it awesomely irresistible!

There is nothing wrong in using social media. But if you think that social media makes coveting the beautiful someone next door right; you are thoroughly mistaken. Now one thing social media has done is that it has pulled up all fences; made protecting walls crumble; and has removed boundaries from private spaces! That makes it easy for anyone to connect instantly from any corner of the globe.

I know what you are thinking: “Who is this skinny preacher from the unknown fossil age saying to the liberated minds of the post modern world?” I do sympathize with what you think.

But Wisdom says,

“Stolen water is sweet, food eaten in secret is delicious!” It also adds, “But little do they know that the dead are there, that her guests are in the depth of the grave.”*

I know my words will fall on deaf ears; but warning boards are put in place even when people ignore it and jump from rocky shores to swim in turbulent seas!

*Proverbs 9:17–18
Jesus Christ of Nazareth


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