Are You Unhappy @ Work?

“Yes,” will most likely be the answer if I ask you “Are you unhappy @ work?”

Causes are many for unhappiness at work. Analyzing all the reasons is like trying to search for a small coin you lost while walking on the beach.

Instead let us try to look at some ways to make work meaningful, purposeful and happy-full!

First of all, be thankful. Only those who have been unemployed and those who were told “Your services are no need longer needed,” know what having employment means. It means dignity, a place to go to regularly, and an opportunity to connect and network.

You might not be in the best workplace; but still be thankful to God that you are able to work.

Second, try to find a larger purpose in work. A teacher is not just imparting knowledge in a classroom. Instead he or she is sharing wisdom tested by the fires of life-experiences. He or she is more importantly shaping the destinies of students. A postman likewise is not just a delivery boy; instead he is bringing messages of hope and joy and connecting people over distances.

Getting to grip the higher meaning of your work will turn your work to a calling rather than a dull job.

Third, exercise leadership. Now leadership is not about position and authority alone. As an individual, exercising leadership is about not getting cramped by daily routines. You should be determined to carve a time out of daily schedules to pursue your hobbies, acquiring new skill sets, and improving your most trusted strength that is uniquely yours. More importantly you should strive each day to do something to improve your quality of work. It is these pursuits that help you counter stress at work and keep you balanced.

So leadership in this context is avoiding becoming the slaves of daily routines; instead rising above them and building an impact.

Again, unhappiness at work is contributed more by people than processes. It might be your boss, peers, or people reporting to you who are creating problems for you. Unkind remarks, criticism, gossip, and even slander top the list. Let me give you a radical suggestion. Can you try NOT to listen to or encourage when someone comes to you bad-mouthing another. See, the same person will be saying things like these about you to others behind your back.

The more you don’t listen to bad press about others, the chances are higher that you will be happier at work.

Yet again, strive for excellence. It doesn’t happen automatically. You need to do hard work, persevere, and keep pushing to do better than yesterday each day. Excellence depends on attention to minute details, double-checking and ensuring everything is ready to deliver. Create processes that can guide you through a list of things to ensure that nothing slips through your hands in the work you daily do.Shun mediocrity at all costs; it happens more through neglect than anything else. And be willing to do more than what you are supposed to do.

Why do I stress this? It is because happiness is a by product than a goal; it is a journey than a destination.

Well, there are many other things you need to do to achieve happiness at work. If you will not quarrel with me, here is one thing you can do. Remain focused on your work. Avoid distractions especially through social media. Evaluate what you read in social media in the light of these questions: One, will this be relevant 10 years from now? Two, is it going to take me nearer to my goal or away? But there is more. Honestly, too much of social media exposure is a drain on your quality time, quality work, and quality relationships.

Likewise, evaluate whether your consuming social media stuff is making you happily focused on your work or making you bitter and sour?

The last and final thought to achieve happiness at work is to learn to be professional. Now what does it mean? See, there are personal and family issues that bother most of us. We need to learn to manage them and not let it affect our commitment to work. There are days when it is painfully not possible. Do not worry; it just is a sign that you and me are not robots but human beings who are weak.* Yet commitment to work can bring order and harmony in a world of chaos.

Therefore strive to bring professionalism into all that you do to be happy at work. It simply means to keep emotions in check and having a balanced objective approach and assessment in all work-related situations.

Let me end.Happiness @ work is a gift of God given to thankful hearts that value the opportunity to impact others with the good they can do as much as they value the joy of receiving a pay cheque!

Jesus Christ of Nazareth
Meaning of Life
Aim High–Secret of Success

*”As a father has compassion on his children, so the Lord has compassion on those who fear him;
for he knows how we are formed,he remembers that we are dust” — Psalm 103:13, 14


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