“And Then Baby; Don’t Cry!”–A Speech on Misuse and Dangers of Mobile Phones!

A young man showed me his mobile and said, “This mobile is an extension of my hand.”* Yes, mobiles have become an integral and unavoidable part of our lives. The ability to connect with people instantly is truly awesome.

One missed call from an unknown number and curiosity to know who is it calling; might become your ticket to a romantic relationship. A small smoking cigarette stub thrown carelessly can set a forest on fire; isn’t it?

One school or college reunion for few at least can end with exchange of phone numbers and beginning of passionate chats. Who said there is no pleasure in eating stolen bread in secret?

One teasing comment in chat can hook and engage a married man or woman who is unhappy. Often it leads him or her to break bonds and be unfaithful to existing marriage vows. How many marriages are broken because mobile phones played the villain?

One moment taken to take a call or text a message while driving can speed you to hell; in worst cases confine you to bed for life, injure innocent people and even cause death. Even after knowing all this, why do people pick calls while driving? Remember, you don’t live to read the news item in black bold letters in tomorrow’s morning newspaper; do you?

Now let me tell you something more dangerous.

Oh, how much time is wasted by parents on social media chats while children feel insecure! A young boy of nearly eleven years recently said, “My Dad and Mom have almost five thousand friends (he was probably trying to say the number is huge) on WhatsApp. My mother has no time for me. When I get a job, with my first salary I will buy a hammer and smash (we caught our breath to hear what came next) her mobile.”*

Mothers, tell me, what is more important to you? Chat with friends? Or your children?

Why do parents, both fathers and mothers, not realize that their children value time you spent with them? More than any toy or gadgets you gift them with!

Why don’t you realize that the virtual world of chats is not real; it is more of a deception taking you away from those things you will never get back. In a few years time, before you even realize it, your children would have become grown-ups. Then they will no longer seek your company!

Troubled teens, rebellious sons and daughters did not become so in one day. It is the seed of neglect that you sowed in their childhood that is sprouting now–the neglect they felt when you loved your mobile more than them and delighted in silly chats.

I have see many mothers spent hours on chats and complain that their children don’t study. How can they when you don’t care?

Fathers should know that rejection your child faces from you in younger days are like a deposit of snake eggs; when it hatches in early teens it spits venom; didn’t you know?

You might tell me that the advantages of mobile phones are many. I agree fully. But what I am saying is that mobile phones should not occupy a priority greater than your children.

Instead if you make mobiles your first love and have an addiction with social media; life is going to throw some bad surprises at you. You’ll soon see your children addicted to social media spending more time on it than you did and doing the very things you did. And then baby, don’t cry!

*Verbatim record of statements made in BPPS sessions.

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