1 Minute Speech on The Meaning of God with Us!

When Jesus was born he was called Immanuel meaning God with us. Can God be so ordinary? Can God be human? Incredible!

Yet God chose to humble himself to be a servant of men. This is one meaning of God with us. God stood with us in our brokenness. Well, some of you might think we are OK. Really! Is it true?

Just look around you. The kind of broken hearts and tears you find everywhere. God came to experience all this firsthand. No longer can you tell God, “You don’t understand!”

If you still feel like saying so, God will not find fault with you. In fact, there is more welcome at the throne room of God for honest telling of what you feel like. If you are angry at God, tell him so. He will patiently listen.

Yet he will point you to a Man lifted up on a hill between earth and sky, naked and bleeding on a cross with a crown of thorns on his head. An inscription above his head read, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews.

And God will say to you that there he carried your sorrows and was broken for you. Looking at that Man you will find peace. For the punishment that should have fallen on you fell on him. He carried it all for you.

God is no longer far away. He is near. He understands. For he once was Man. This my friends is the sure hope on which you can live: God with us!

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