Tips for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: How to Tackle Failures

This post was originally published as part of Century Notes during the 100th Batch of BPPS held at Trivandrum YMCA in July 2007.
I have had my share of failures.

And the big thing I learned about them is that failures are no accident. We plan to fail. That might come as a surprise: The truth is that our plans might not be adequate enough to cover all factors that need to be considered. And our plans might not be able to tell us what changes we ought to make (and make them quickly) when things do not go as planned.

That contributes to failure.

When failures happen it puts us into the back seat. But it is also an opportunity to analyze and find out what went wrong. Thus failures can be learning experiences; if accompanied by the willingness to change.

Of course novel experiments do carry within itself a chance to fail. But ultimate failures happen only to those who lose the ability to continue to experiment. If that ability to step confidently into the unknown still remains in you then failures would step aside to make way for success.

Perhaps we need to learn to fail successfully. Of course its primary lesson is sportsman spirit. One has to learn to treat failures with the same courtesy with which one treats successes.

The second lesson of course is to know that failures happen once in a while to the best of men. And the final lesson is that failures just prove that we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world striving for perfection which is never ours all the time. But we will never lower our standards. And never stop striving to win.

As Prophet Micah wrote:

“Though I have fallen, I will rise. Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light” (Micah 7:8b).

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