1 Minute Speech on Self and Selfies!

Selfies! Even mobile phones sell because they promise a fanatabulous selfie experience.

Why has selfies gained such popularity?  Let me point out that for many selfies are an obsession. It is a compulsive display of one’s own importance. Sadly even political and religious leaders, celebrities in sports, cinema, and music are all part of this obsession.

Secondly, selfies are an attempt to gain social acceptance. It is a constant attempt to be good-looking; trying to freeze a moment forever! A moment when you looked perfect; at least in your own eyes! Seriously, selfies showcase a vacuum  and a void in the human heart–a seemingly unending craving for acceptance!

Thirdly, selfies are a reflection of modern man’s search for reality and identity in connection with the purpose and meaning of life. Selfies are an attempt to forget the deeper questions of life like: “Who am I?” “Where do I come from?” “Where am I going to?” The silly and frivolous poses; the plastic smiles, the courting of danger in an attempt to gain a bizzare selfie can all easily be outward displays of the inward unrest of one’s heart and soul. What else can it be?

To conclude, selfies have created a new way of thinking which puts “I” before everything else. It has cheapened the sanctity of life on many occasions where selfies are shot at funerals and at the site of tragic accidents.

Selfies prove that man has not evolved; he still retains the same nature of loving self unto death. Selfies have glorified this tragedy and made it go viral in the digital world!
Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
Selfie–Oxford Dictionaries’ Word of the Year 2013.

Why Don’t You Fail?

If you have not failed, that means probably you succeeded in everything you did or you did not attempt to do anything at all.

The chances are that you never tried. Now why is that so? Most likely you were afraid to try because you feared to make mistakes. But then you already made the big mistake of not attempting.

What is the fear that keeps you from not trying. Isn’t it the fear of failure? Yes, it is!

What happens when you fail? The best thing that happens is that it shows you the stuff you are made of. Failures inspire you to do better next time, helps you learn from your mistakes and makes you desperate about winning. Failures can unmask your pretensions and show you your true character.

Failures also teach you humility. It teaches you that success is a process and not a destination. So there is no reality in classifying certain experiences of life as failures. What you probably call “failure” has done more to mould you into a person with strength of character than anything you achieved and termed as “success.”

So if you ask me, I prefer you to go and risk failure in something that you know to be good. The world may laugh at you. Let it do so.

But you go multiply your attempts. And when the nets come in empty after a long night’s hard work I hope and pray you will hear the voice of God saying, “Put out into deep water, and let down the nets for a catch!”*

*Jesus Christ (Luke 5:4 Bible)
Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Are You Anxious About Your Children? 7 Tips for Parents!

It is quite natural to be anxious about your children. Your children are God’s gift to you. So they are precious. And they are the future.

At their young age, it is as if God has entrusted you with the awesome responsibility to raise them up as God-fearing citizens. It is up to you that they look not for words of advice but for a model and an example which they can emulate and put to practice as well.

Here are a few tips that might prove useful.

#1. Celebrate the uniqueness of your child.

It is quite understandable that you want your child to excel and win the first rank if possible every time. At the same time, it is more important to realize that your child is very unique and different in his talent, temperament, attitudes and passion from even his or her brother or sister. Therefore do not fall into the trap of comparing your child with anyone else. That is playing with fire. Remember, a dog is not a lion and a lion is not an eagle nor is an eagle a dolphin. Each has its own unique role to play.

So the first responsibility you have is to simply cherish your child as a unique person.

#2. Appreciate your child even for small things he or she does well.

Often we shout at our children; don’t we? Even though we know we should not vent our frustration or anger resulting from a bad day at our work on our children, we do that. And often we feel sorry later. But the best thing you can do for your child is to praise him and appreciate him for any small thing he does well. The more you do it, genuinely, the more confident your child will become. He will have a greater sense of worth and dignity. Children who lack appreciation at home and feel rejected seek acceptance somewhere else and in teenage years can land up in bad company quickly. Why? Simply because there he or she is accepted.

So shower you children with praise and appreciation at every opportunity you get.

#3. Spend time with your children.

It is a wrong thinking that your child is satisfied with the best electronic gadgets that you buy for him. Honestly, this is absolutely wrong. Buying the most expensive and trendy things for your child might advertise your money power; but it does not satisfy your child’s basic and most important need. That is quality time you spend with them. Remember time flies. And before you know it, and because you were busy building your status in society and empires of your own, your child would have grown up into adulthood. And then it is useless to cry that you could spend much time with them in their young age.

Remember the greatest gift you can give your child is the quality time you spend with him or her.

#4. Listen to your children.

If you don’t listen to your children, even if what they talk is silly and even plain nonsense, the day will come when they will totally shut up. And then you will never know what they think, who their friends are, what are their difficulties at school or college or the mental pressures they undergo because of their studies or a wrong relationship. God has given you two ears so that you will listen more than you talk. It is not bravado to tell your children that you are busy and yell at them to stop talking. Encourage them to speak. Let them open up. Give them the freedom to talk to you about matters that trouble their heart. In this way you show respect to them as well.

If you listen to your children today, tomorrow you will not to have to regret that they are not listening to you.

#5. Take time to understand your child’s passion, talent and ambition.

As parents, we like our children to fit into the society’s mould. So we pressurize them to become doctors when they want to be engineers, we compel them to do civil services when they want to be journalists and so on. Of course, there are times when the wisdom of parents should overrule the wrong choices children make. But know that children excel in what they are passionate about. So as parents try to understand what their skill sets are. Help them to have good hobbies which are creative, involves physical activity and involves teaming up with others if possible. This is far better than giving them a tablet or laptop or expensive mobile and allowing them to chat or play video games on it for hours. And it is often equally dangerous to try to make children do what we were good at or try to realize our unfulfilled dreams through them (there are occasions when it works but mostly it is not worth the try).

If you can help your child realize what his passion and talent is, you have succeeded in putting him on the right track that leads to success.

#6. Do not label your children negatively.

I have often quarreled with parents because they often label their children negatively in front of others. One of their favourite labels is this: “Oh, my child is an introvert.” This is shocking because most of the time this has nothing to do with reality. May be the child is a bit shy. So what? Given the right environment like a change of school or given more time to play team games with friends, he or she will come up fantastically well. The more parents repeat this kind of negative labelling in front of others the child starts believing a lie about himself. And these sinful words or curse words of parents become a self-fulfilling prophecy. The child becomes an introvert.

Never label your children. Put a guard over your mouth so that you resist the temptation to label your child negatively especially in front of others.

#7. Never forget to pray for your children daily.

So many children who went to wayward living during their teenage years have come to back to their parents and to the forgiving love of God because of the prayers of their parents–especially the heartfelt, tearful, prayers of their mothers! When your children go to school or college commit them and especially that day into God’s care. Pray that they will be given wisdom and discernment to face life’s challenges and also study well. Pray that they will not be drawn to evil things, and bad company; for the Bible warns, “”Bad company corrupts good character.”*

Knowing that parents are praying for them is a great encouragement for children and a surety of your love and care for them.

“See that you do not look down on one of these little ones. For I tell you that their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven” – Jesus Christ.

*1 Corinthians 15:33, Bible.
Quote on angels, Matthew 18:10, Bible.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth!
2 Minute Speech for School Children on the Importance of English

A Speech for School Children on the Importance of Discipline in Life

No one has become successful and maintained it without discipline. Talent, opportunity, passion, ambition, hard work and perseverance all have their contribution to make to success. But without discipline it is highly likely that a genius too will end up as a failure.

So what is discipline? “Discipline is one’s ability to adjust oneself to the given situation,” was the thought the Principal at my school had driven home into our hearts at each school assembly. That means we are not to blame circumstances but instead rise above them by making necessary changes in our attitudes and actions.

Discipline primarily begins with a desire to make best use of resources gifted to us from God. It starts with the understanding that Time that we have at our disposal is short; and we cannot waste it. So to make best use of time, we should plan well. As far as students are concerned, this demands creating time tables and sticking to them.

The next step in discipline is to make priorities. As far as students are concerned, their first priority is not studies. You might be shocked and surprised by that statement, I am sure! But then what is your highest priority. It is to obey your parents and teachers!

Now why do I say this? This is because disobedience and disrespect are so fashionable with today’s young generation. But let me tell you a disobedient child is an undisciplined child. And even if such a child becomes successful the traits of disobedience he or she carries in his or her mind will someday prove to be their downfall.

Let me add one more important thought to this. Many of you aspire to be leaders; don’t you? It is a good thing provided your attitude is to serve others in your leadership role—to be a true minister unto men. The Bible portrays this as servant leadership which Jesus showed when he washed the feet of his disciples the night he was betrayed.

Now if you want to be a leader, obedience is the key. Make a note of the saying, “He who cannot obey cannot command.” Just imagine what chaos will result if there is disobedience in the armed forces? Therefore obedience is the key as far as discipline is concerned.

After desire and priorities, the next step as far is discipline is concerned is to strengthen your resolve and commitment. Just making decisions are good enough to lead a disciplined life. You have to increase your efforts to stick to commitments. Otherwise you will become bored and lazy with routines.

The key is to create good and healthy habits. Once those are formed; it is difficult to break them. Just imagine, the simple act of brushing your teeth every morning. This discipline became part of your life because your parents helped you to form that habit early in life; isn’t it.

Let me conclude with one last thought about a disciplined life. It is a very important thought as well. If you wish to maintain a disciplined and successful life, you have to avoid distractions. As far as youngsters are concerned, let me point out one way in which you are distracted is time you spent with your gadgets. How much time do you waste chatting on WhatsApp and Facebook? How much time do you spent in playing video games? What about time spent in watching movies, cricket and football? If you do not learn to discipline yourselves and limit time you spent for all these; you will regret that later in life. For the quality and vigour of time in youth will never return. Invest the best of your time in life in the best things of life.

So my dear friends learn to adjust yourself to the given situations in life. Discipline yourself and leave behind an inspiring legacy of success!

Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

1 Minute Speech for School Children on the Importance of Education

Dear friends,

Education is not just literacy. In other words a literate person may not be educated at all. The point is that education is about having a goal—the goal of equipping a person face life well.

Education is not just having academic knowledge about subjects prescribed to be learned. Instead it should aim at the holistic development of a student—cultural, intellectual, emotional, spiritual, and physical.

One of the hallmarks of good education is how it has helped a person put to practical use the knowledge he has gained. Without this practical wisdom, education is a failure.

Another area where education should play a critical role is in the area of civic responsibility. Have you not seen educated people thoughtlessly throw a banana peel on the road while they travel in a car? What good is education if a person cannot see the harm he is doing to the public by his thoughtless and selfish act?

Unfortunately, today education has become a business in many circles. That adds to the cut throat spirit of competition in the marketplace. On the other hand education should vigorously aim to instill moral values in students.

To conclude, let me say that teachers and education should enable a person to see and to observe, to think and to talk and act with the good of others in mind. Without development of integrity and character, without learning to respect others; education cannot be said to have hit the mark. But when education ignites the mind and inspires the heart, then truly light shines in the darkness!

Thank you.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

Speech for School Children on Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam the Missile Man of India and a Dreamer!

Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam was a man who dreamed and whose passion in life was to inspire others to dream.
One of his best remembered quotes is about dreams as well. He said,

“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.”

He was a great scientist, thinker, writer, motivational speaker, the missile man of India and its 11th President.

Photo Courtesy: abdulkalam.nic.in
Photo Courtesy: abdulkalam.nic.in

What makes his life an inspiration is that he started from humble beginnings in a remote village in South India, Rameswaram. That was the place where he had his first job of collecting bundles of newspaper thrown from a passing train. Many decades later he still recollected and felt the surge of pride in earning his own money for the first time.

But then there were many people who influenced and inspired this great son of India to become a dreamer and become known as the missile man of India. Let me just mention two of these people who moulded and mentored Abdul Kalam.

First of all, Iyadurai Solomon. He was Abdul Kalam’s teacher. The relationship between them was very strong. This teacher influenced Abdul Kalam’s thoughts very much. It was he who taught him, “To succeed in life and achieve results, you must understand and master three mighty forces—desire, belief and expectation.”

Iyadurai Solomon was a great teacher because he instilled in all the children a sense of their own worth. It was he who inspired Abdul Kalam saying that “With faith, you can change your destiny.” Thus Abdul Kalam began to aspire for greater things in life.

He believed with all his heart that he too can make an impact on society even though his parents did not have the benefit of education. Abdul Kalam who was always fascinated by the mysteries of the sky and the flight of birds from early childhood, because of the influence of Iyadurai Solomon, began to dream of soaring up into the skies. And he became the first child from Rameswaram to fly.

Decades later, when Abdul Kalam went to Madurai Kamaraj University to deliver their convocation address, his beloved school teacher Rev. Iyadurai Solomon was on the dias. After his lecture, Abdul Kalam bowed before him and said,

“Great dreams of dreamers are always transcended.”

He, in turn, replied in a voice choked with emotion, “You have not only reached my goals, Kalam! You have eclipsed them.”

Another person who influenced Abdul Kalam greatly was Dr. Vikram Sarabhai. Dr. Sarabhai, when interviewing Abdul Kalam for the post of rocket engineer, was one of the first persons to see the possibilities that were lying hidden in Abdul Kalam. He saw Abdul Kalam fit into a larger picture.

The whole interview came to Abdul Kalam as a total moment of truth where his dream was enveloped by the larger dream of a bigger person. The rest of the story is how Abdul Kalam became the missile man of India, inspired and ignited by the great visionary scientist Dr. Vikram Sarabhai.

Let me conclude by saying that great dreamers like Abdul Kalam had people influencing him positively in life. But Abdul Kalam’s genius was that he did not try to hold on to dreams selfishly. Instead he burned out staying active till his last breath and spreading the inspiration to dream to all.

#In 1997, Kalam received India’s highest civilian honour, the Bharat Ratna, for his contribution to the scientific research and modernisation of defence technology in India.
#While delivering a lecture at the Indian Institute of Management Shillong, Kalam collapsed and died from an apparent cardiac arrest on 27 July 2015, aged 83.
Jesus Christ of Nazareth!

2 Minute Speech for School Children on The Importance of English

2 Minute Speech for Children on The Importance of English

Respected teachers and my dear friends,

Good morning to one and all.

We all think. And we all communicate. But how do we do it? We do it through words, not just words but words in a particular language which others understand.

Though it is easy to communicate in our mother tongue; that alone is not enough in today’s world. We need to consider the fact that people speaking different languages mingle with us almost on a daily basis. There are people from other states in India as well as a few people from other countries who have come here to find work or just visit our place. Communicating with all of them requires a common language.

It is here that English language and the knowledge of it becomes an advantage. English may not be the most spoken language in the world, but it is the official language in many countries in the world.

Along with that we find people moving out to other countries to work. And English is the most used language for business communication in the world. It is also not surprising that more than 50% of content in the internet is in English.

Moreover, the best books and films in the world are produced in English. Sometimes, popular and best-selling books in other languages are translated into English to reach a world-wide audience. I am sure you might have watched a film in Chinese and understood it because of sub-titles produced in English.

All these facts prove the importance of English language. It gives us access to business communication, the world of knowledge and also the world of entertainment.

The language itself is constantly in a state of change. It has borrowed words from all cultures and civilizations it has come into touch with. You will find words in English which has its roots in Greek, Latin, Sanskrit, Hindi, French, German etc. So the ability of the language to grow and expand is one important highlight of the English language. It is a truly colourful language and an international language as well!

As a concluding thought, let us consider our opportunities for higher education. It is an established fact that English is the language that gives us access to Science; especially the fields of Engineering, Medicine, and Information Technology. Or think about a Post Graduate in Management and the distinct advantage he or she enjoys if able to communicate well in English! Thus English is the language that is used in higher studies and research.

Finally, let me ask you a question? Would each one of you like to have a job—not just a job but a good career ahead? If the answer is yes, why not make yourselves employable at the highest and the best spheres of work by mastering the English language?

Thank you.

The Tree of Life
1 Minute Speech for Children on Respect
Jesus Christ of Nazareth!