A Smile Smileys Can’t!

A smile connects with others. When I met Dhanya the first time in early 2014 her smile was what stayed in my mind.

Dhanya Ravi featured in Malayala Manorama Sunday Supplement 13 May 2018

What makes her smile radiate loveliness is that it comes from the heart.… Read the rest

College Day Felicitation Speech

Respected Chairman of the meeting, Chief Guest of the Day, other dignitaries on the dais, my beloved colleagues and dear students,

There are special moments and occasions in the life of every community that brings people together. Today is one such day when we remember the past one year and all the good things that came along with it.… Read the rest

Why Don’t You Fail?

If you have not failed, that means probably you succeeded in everything you did or you did not attempt to do anything at all.

The chances are that you never tried. Now why is that so? Most likely you were afraid to try because you feared to make mistakes.… Read the rest

Motivational Speech: When You Are Worried!

Most of us worry constantly. We worry about our health, our finances, our marriage, our careers, our children, exams and interviews, and our future. Many, if not all, worry about their appearance as well.

Why are we constantly worrying? Even though we know that worry accomplishes nothing positive, for some strange reason people do not stop worrying.… Read the rest