Are You Discouraged? Rise Up!

(1 Minute Motivational Speech for those who are discouraged!)

I talk to you today because I ve been there. Not once or twice but many times. I know what it feels like to be discouraged. I know what it is like to feel like being a failure. I know how it feels when all around you people are full of fun and happiness but you are down.

Yes friends, discouragement has put more people in the side benches than had casualties in war. It has sapped the strength from talented people committed to their cause and calling. It had taken away from people their confidence that there is a purpose for their living and one day they will be rewarded for their labour.

I.hope I am not speaking to listeners far away, but to you, yes you, who now with drooping shoulders stand before me with that desperate look in your eyes as if there is no tomorrow.

Let me thunder in your ears. The night shall not remain. The dawn will break. And you shall rise up in God’s strength.

First and foremost is to know that even your darkness is as light in God’s eyes. We live in an impersonal world where all our choices, activities, and interactions are being turned to data. What is its impact? Have you ever thought about it? You slowly lose your sense of being an individual. You sooner or later realize you have only value as long as you are able to perform or contribute.

But God’s foolishness is his belief in failures and those who are despised by others. And his foolishness is greater than man’s wisdom. So he is for you. And if he is for you what prevents you from rising up to fight one more round?

Secondly, recall the best moments. Recollect your preparation, enthusiasm and hard work that made it happen. Simple believe it can happen again.

But believing alone is not enough. Take that one small step. do not wait for inspiration. Your first step will soon accelerate and gather momentum until soon you are back into winning ways again.

Finally, it is when the experienced fisherman of Galilee, Peter, had an empty boat after a night’s fishing that Jesus asked him to throw his nets into the deep. When you have failed and are discouraged, never lower your standards. That is the time to listen to God and take an obedient step to a greater goal. In this classic instance a discouraged Peter got a miraculous catch of fish as he was promised.*

The power of belief, faith, and obedience to God’s leading and guidance can never be emphasized enough. But the choice is each man’s freedom. When you are discouraged choose to listen to God and obey!

*Luke 5:1 to 11 Bible.


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