1 Minute Speech for Nursery Children—-My Garden!

Stella Maris, KanyakumariStella Maris, Kanyakumari

Respected teacher and my dear friends,

This world is a beautiful place. One reason why it is so is because of the lovely gardens in public places as well as our homes. Brindavan Garden in Mysore and Lal Bagh Garden in Bengaluru (Bangalore) are two large and beautiful gardens I have visited.

I too have a garden at my home. It gives me great joy to spend time in my garden. There are several flowering plants in my garden and one tall mango tree as well. My favourite flowers are roses, jasmine and orchids. When they bloom it is like a wave of joyous smile spreading around.

One of the beautiful sights in my garden is that of butterflies flying around. Sometimes I try running around with them too. The wet feel of my feet on the green lawn especially when it has just been watered is a thrill beyond words.

Garden Yellow Flowers

Garden Yellow Flowers

I do help my parents maintain my garden. One of the lessons they have taught me is to pick out the weeds and thrown them away. Along with it, they have told me that bad habits in life are like weeds. They should be pulled out by its roots and throw away.

I thank God for my garden. It is where I can enjoy the beauty of flowers; its colours and fragrance. It is the place which makes my home a joy. For here, I spend time with my family. Those are precious moments in life to me.

Let me conclude by saying that God planted a garden so that he can place the man Adam he created there. So gardens are not only my heart’s delight but also God’s too.

Thank you.
The Tree of Life


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