1 Minute Speech for Nursery Children on Trees


I am a tree. My leaves are green. I give shade and shelter not only for you but for many birds and some animals as well.

I am your friend. I give you flowers and fruits. I give you my wood so that you can build homes, create ornamental furniture, and have fires to cook your food.

I give you good oxygen and store carbon within me. I do play a role in bringing rain. I hold the good soil with my spreading roots.

The higher you grow in life and career, have your roots firmly planted on the ground and spreading deep and wide. Thus you can stand the tests that promotions bring in life.

Some trees stay alive for a long long time. If you give me a chance I can tell you several stories that will thrill your hearts.

Though I am friends with you, some people mercilessly strike my relatives down. What is the crime that we did to you?

Today, man lives in concrete jungles. Isn’t it simply because you lost touch with us? Once in a while come to the forests and spend time with us. And feel the refreshing beauty of nature.

Looking at the trees, you can know the difference in seasons. In spring, it flowers and blooms; in autumn it sheds leaves. In olden days, people came together underneath trees to meet together and communicate with each other.

The greenery of trees and the sway of leaves in the breeze have a soothing effect on the human mind. In short, let me say, I am not just a tree but a symbol of life; healing and wellness, goodness and health.


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