7 Skills You Need to Stick with New Year Resolutions

New Year resolutions do not last long. We all know that from past experience. So how to stick with New Year resolutions when they break; that is the big question!

#1. Accept the reality of you being human and not a robot.
There is an element within all of us which tends to err and make mistakes. So before the thrill of the New Year wears out, there is a great possibility of breaking your New Year resolutions. So the first step is to be sure that in spite of your brave determination, you are going to break your resolutions.

yelagiriroad#2. Do not decide to start afresh.
Now what does that mean? It simply means that people fail to achieve success because they think of starting all over again when there is a break in their attempts to stick on with resolutions. What is needed is a change of thinking. Treat failures as red lights you see on traffic signal posts as you journey. You don’t go back to the start of your journey when you see a red light; do you? You just continue when the light becomes green.

#3. Look at what you have accomplished rather than what you left undone.
In spite of your worst failures there will be something in the attempt that you made which can be inspiring. Look at your effort rather than how it failed. There will be people in plenty to point out how you did not do well. That is expected. Why should you also join that crowd? For a change take a look at how you stuck with your resolution the first three days in January. You failed the next 5 days. So what? There are still 3 days you did well. And there will be plenty more days you will do well this year.

#4. Encourage someone.
The truth is that all people need encouragement. Coaches provide more than just skills and they do more than just enforce discipline. They inspire, motivate and challenge people to be the best they can be. Do that for someone. You can do that in your area of expertise. Help someone by going the second mile for him or her. What is the result? You too will be recharged.

#5. Forget the past.
You and I often change the calendar on our walls and welcome the New Year. But we fail to leave the baggage of the past year behind. We bring that too into the New Year. I am not talking about failures; I am talking about your success. It is those who enjoyed success in the past who need to be the most careful. When the world is changing at a fast pace methods employed in the past might not be best to meet the present challenge and opportunity.

#6. Make yourself accountable.
Without good friends, it is difficult to get right advice. It is better if you can have one of your friends to keep track of your progress with New Year resolutions. You can update him or her about your success and failures as well. Your friend will be able to help you have a balanced perspective on issues that tend to pull you down. All of us need a pair of eyes that can look at our situation objectively and without emotional colouring. Thus when you open up your concerns before your friend, you are committing yourself once again to the goals you have established. He or she will hold you accountable and that will help you progress.

#7. See the bigger picture always.
When you climb up and have a look down, the scene appears different than when you looked around while you were on ground level. The scene from above is the bigger picture. Life is not just about the little things you do every day. There are things eternal that matter more than money, career, achievements or fame. Life can be lived out in days and not in years. So have the impact of your entire life and beyond in mind when you use the present moment wisely.

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