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1. About BPPS Blog
2. Starting Trouble?
3. Imagine!
4. Organize Your Speech
5. 7 Speech Lessons from Sachin Tendulkar’s Bat
6. Analysis of Obama’s Inaugural Speech
7. The First Steps–An Inspiring Story from Schooldays!
8. Negative Power Plays in Communication
9. Tips for Compering
10. Making Your Meetings Productive

11. Lift Up the Quality of Your Communication
12. Metaphors that Define Speech
13. The Charm of Rustic Things in Communication
14. 7 Sayings of Jesus on the Cross
15. What Slow-Moving Phases of Life Teach Us
16. “What Will Others Think About Me?”

18. Words that Heal
19. Speeches that Fail
20. There Is Something that Hurts

21. The Charm of a Performance, Live!
22. Be Yourself–Peel Off Masks You Wear
23. Do You Fear Change?
24. I Remember!
25. Say Hello to September
26. On Teamwork as Seen on the Seashore
27. The Quest for Glory
28. The Power of Story in Communication
29. Language, and Two Children at Play
30. The Art of Organizing-the RYLA Experience!

31. “I Am Not Good Enough!”
32. The Hope of Christmas
33. Failures in Their True Light
34. The Power of New Beginnings
35. The Fear Factor
36. Cricket Live!
37. Cricket Captaincy–Leadership and Communication
38. The Cry for Freedom!
39. Life Lessons from Cricket (Radio Talk)
40. The Measure of Success

41. Tips on Time Management
42. Interview Tips–The Banana Peel
43. Interview Tips–When Your Strength Becomes Your Weakness
44. Interview Tips–Surprise Questions
45. Interviewers and Blind Spots–A True Story!
46. On Marriage Communication–The Story of a Tender Plant!
47. A Dream Comes True for Sachin Tendulkar
48. The Hope of Eternal Life
49. 7 Steps to Get Out of Inferiority Complex
50. What Was More Valuable: Life or a Sandal?

52. The Rain!
53. Have You Hid Your Talent?
54. “But When You Pray”
55. An Interview on Social Media and Change
56. Dissatisfied? With Life? Work? People?
57. 7 Mistakes to Avoid While Compering
58. “What Is Your Name?”
59. 7 Steps to Passionate Speaking
60. Keep Your Lamps Burning!

61. The Gift of Christmas
62. Life Beyond Wasted Years
63. Why Wait for Sachin Tendulkar’s Hundredth Century?
64. Made Brand New!
65. Tips for Compering 7 Great Songs of Christmas
66. That Compassionate Light
67. The Tree of Christmas
68. The Comforter
69. 7 Greats About Brilliant Sehwag!
70. Angels

71. The Preacher’s Christmas
72. Love and Loyalty
73. Follow the Star of Christmas
74. After the Magic Show Began
75. Face to Face with Dreams
76. 7 Tips to Write a Better Blog
77. Christmas and the Graveyard of Joy!
78. Is Your Name in the List?”
79. 7 Winning Steps to Get the Best Out of Your Failure
80. What 7 Makes You Connect with Reality Shows?

81. 2 Minutes with a Celebrity Auto Driver
82. The Power of God-Given Dreams
83. When Dreams Seem to Die
84. When Dreamers Succeed in a Lesser Place
85. What Is a Dreamer When Temptation Strikes!
86. Prison Doors–God’s Royal Highway to Exalt the Dreamer
87.“Why Are Your Faces So Sad Today?”
88. A Dreamer’s Disappointment as He Waits for God’s Time
89. The Dreamer Finds His Dream–From Prison to the Palace
90. How to Find Your Ability and Exercise It

91. My Valentine
92. You Too Can Compere!
93. The Dreamer Understands God’s Purposes, and Forgives!
94. Sachin Tendulkar: “Enjoy the Game, Chase Your Dreams!”
95. 7 Sure Steps on How to Handle Confidence Loss
96. Every Drop of Blood
97. In Appreciation of Rahul Dravid’s Retirement Speech
98. There Are No Dead Ends
99. Top 10 Attitudes of Winners
100. 100 God-inspirations You Can Tweet!

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  1. Hi Bejoy, commendable job. Go ahead with your endeavour to help youngsters express themselves. All the best!

  2. Dr. Thampi Moses | February 19, 2010 at 8:19 am |

    Nice to know that many are helped through your efforts to shed their fright on stage. It means a great success or a giant step for them. Kudos!

  3. Prof. Prakash Francis J. | February 17, 2010 at 1:49 pm |

    Dear Bejoy,
    Wish you all success in helping the generation next to help themselves.

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